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When your air conditioner makes up such a huge chunk of your monthly energy bills, making sure it is in good working order should be a high priority during the warmer months of the year. Learn about common problems that happen to homeowners, things to watch for with air conditioning repair to be prepared for any problem that might arise. Here are some tips from a Baton Rouge A/C Company:

Strange Sounds Coming from Your AC

Besides the occasional, subtle sound of your AC turning on and off, you should not hear noises coming from your home’s air conditioning systems. If you ever notice loud, strange sounds, you should have them checked immediately.

Banging or thumping noises coming from your AC are usually caused by the blower assembly or motor. Shut off the system and determine what is broken.

Rattling noises mean that something has come loose or broken off, so check for broken or loose pieces and make sure everything is in proper alignment.

Squealing or screeching noises often mean there is a problem with a belt, which is often inexpensive to replace. Try to replace your belts before they wear out and break completely.

What’s that Smell?

Moldy odors coming from your AC unit can mean that a fungus is growing within the unit, and it should be cleaned as soon as possible. Strong smells like rotten eggs can mean that an animal has died inside or around the unit, and stagnant water within the system can produce a “stinky feet” smell. When you notice unusual or unpleasant smells, check for causes or have it cleaned out and professionally maintained.

Notice Your Bills Going Up?

Whether your energy bills have been creeping up slowly or have suddenly skyrocketed, the increase is worth noting. You may have a leak, a broken component, or a unit that needs to be upgraded. Ac units that are more than 15 years old should be replaced since newer technologies will be more energy-efficient as well as better about keeping the temperatures in your home cool and consistent.


When the refrigerant is low, it can mean that it was not installed correctly or that there is a leak in your system. Leaks should be professionally repaired, tested, and charged. Not only can refrigerant leaks be harmful to the environment, improper charges will make your system less efficient.

Problem with Air Flow

When the air in your home isn’t flowing how it should, it could mean that you have a blockage of some sort. Clean your vents, ducts, and outdoor unit, and make sure your coils aren’t frozen.

Most Common Problem – User Error

In all honesty, the most common problem you are likely to run into with your home’s AC is operational errors. Windows left open, doors that are not properly sealed, forgetting to turn your thermostat down, lack of insulation, cooling unused rooms, and other errors can create problems for your air condition system and well as increase your energy costs. Professionals who specialize in air conditioning repair can help you fix your system to maximize efficiency.

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